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As recommended by online users, we've put together the most popular off the shelf products to tackle hair loss

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Whether you are experiencing suspected hair loss or have been dealing with hair thinning for many years, there are lots of new products being released which can provide benefits to the health of your hair. We’ve put together our top prescription-free products which help to boost new hair growth naturally. 

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A good shampoo can help bring your scalp back to optimal conditions and support healthy hair. In this article, we'll take you through ingredients to look for in a product and our top 10 rated shampoos.

Vitamin hair pills

One of the most common causes of hair loss in women is due to vitamin deficiencies. The typical minerals which women can lack can include iron, vitamin D, and zinc. We explain the link between hair loss and vitamins and highlight popular brands.

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What you eat has a huge impact on the quality and quantity of your hair growth. If you’re experiencing hair loss related to a poor nutritional intake or you’re just interested in finding out how to grow your hair faster, we’ve listed out all the foods you need to incorporate in your daily diet from morning to night.  

Woman styling hair in salon

Did you know that some hairstyles can actually cause hair loss in women? From pony tails to excessive chemicals, we'll take you through commonly asked questions about hair loss caused by various forms of styling, heat damage, and hair products. We'll also share products to protect your hair.

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Deficiencies in iron, vitamin D, C and E and are common causes of hair loss. Many women have deficiencies which can be a key contributor to the decline of healthy hair. We'll cover the common deficiencies associated with hair loss, how you can test for them, and suggested products to boost your levels.

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