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We care about hair

Around a third of all women will experience hair loss in their life time. We know experiencing this can be an anxious time and can impact your confidence. 

We are a hair loss advice site, here to help you navigate through all things 'hair loss' so you can have a better understanding as to what may be happening in your own hair journey. We'll help simplify the science from credible sources, point you to some helpful hair care advice, and share popular products rated by other users.


Don't forget, if you are experiencing hair loss, you should always speak to a medical professional to help diagnose you and prescribe the best treatment plan.

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From stress, diet to hormones, understand what triggers hair loss

We've reviewed the best products to slow hair loss and promote growth

The latest news from the hair care world


Top 10 shampoos for hair loss and regrowth

Not all shampoos are good for the hair. Some shampoos contain harsh chemicals. Read about our recommended shampoo list for hair loss and regrowth.

Top 10 shampoos for hair loss and regrowth

Postpartum hair loss

We explain all about postpartum hair loss following your pregnancy and what you can do to help boost new hair growth.

Does Coronavirus cause hair loss

Does coronavirus cause hair loss?

We discuss the scientific studies behind viral infections and hair loss and what it means for those suffering from temporary fall out. 

Post partum hair loss
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